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Patchwork: Jade Eyes

Patchwork: Jade Eyes

Jade Eyes

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us / These jade eyes  (x4)

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us/ One mind we design our own island/ Or so I thought as I thrust my paw on her/ Didn’t think that I could do her such dishonor/ Back away and I nod my head/ These pretty lights can really play and they’re rocking it/ And these kids eat it up like Lox and spread/ As the clock is lost and we forget our beds/ The jade eyes stay with me and I see her/ Kissing on the dude who arrived in the beamer/ Guess I had weak pop tonight Elisa Steamer/ The jade just caught the light and all disappears/ But she stays florescent cold as December in this northern state that’s the greyest in the hemisphere/ Just like lemmings I follow the trap/ Wonder if she gets off on withholding that vag because

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us / These jade eyes (x4)

Contradiction many been up her blouse/ But my fingers are some splinters she can do without/ This week’s been weak grime and grout/ Games every day every way tagged out/ But I’m glad for the no’s the strep and the colds/ The effect of the soul/ Is it’s left invincible/ Try me all you want these jade eyes still haunt me/ Thought if I got her I’d find some sense of belonging/ After the show all filed out to rides home/ Chose to feign fatigue said peace to the folks/ Got home restless with the image in my mind/ Of her curves her shirt and her perfect jade eyes/ And I dealt with it the only way I know how/ With the guitar and drums turned up way too loud/And as all else slept and tired of the bass/ In it’s beautiful hum I found a place

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us / These jade eyes (x4)

Jade Eyes is another classic original track from P. A deep story that’s woven through dope rhymes, wordplay and guitar. The hook on this track has always stuck with me – To me, P’s words and delivery in these lines express the core of what this song is about. Using acrylic paint on 4 rectangular pieces of plexiglass, I created Patchwork: Jade Eyes. I approached this project like a “sampling” project, chopping up the words from the hook into the different panes of plexiglass to create another flexible hook that expresses the original meaning in a new way…

Reflection and Response.


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